Light My Nest Top 2015 Posts
White paper bags give the traditional New Mexican luminarias a contemporary feel
White paper bags give the traditional New Mexican luminarias a contemporary feel

I really appreciate you being part of the Light My Nest community and all the support you have given me over the last year.  Our blog has received a lot of attention from launching in early 2015.  I would like to wish you and your family great 2016.

Here are our top shared posts for 2015. Click on the title to view the post:

1)  LED Dimming Headaches -  LEDs are definitely dimmable. The problem is just that they often don’t play well with conventional dimmers, no matter what the label on the box of the LED lamp says. I share my tips on how to minimize LED dimming headaches

2) Landscape Lighting Tips -  Outdoor landscape lighting is very important to accent your home.  I share some tips on how to have great outdoor landscape lighting.

3) How Much Light Do I Need in My Kitchen -  Kitchen lighting requirements was a very popular post as I shared the lighting requirements and solutions need for a variety of kitchen tasks.

4)  5 Things to Look For When Buying LED's -  In this post, I share 5 top items to look for when buying LED's to help you with your lighting needs.

5)  Tips For Lighting Your Outdoor Kitchen - Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular and frequently a location for home entertainment.  I share tips on how to get the best lighting for your outdoor kitchen.

6) LED Lighting Advantages -  The advantages of LED lighting are shared in this post.  Technology improvements is making this type of light a lot more flexible to meet your lighting needs.

7) Lighting Bloopers - I received many shares of Lighting Bloopers that I have seen.

8) Ingredients of a Good Lighting Plan -  A good lighting plan is key to adding light to your life.  I share the ingredients of what elements should be in a lighting plan.

9) Does it take a Ph.D. to chose your LED lights - A real popular post that received much discussion on Facebook discussing LED lights.

10) Recessed Lighting - I talk about the swiss cheese effect that I see when recessed lighting is installed.  We share tips on how to avoid it.