Growing old is not for sissies
Lighting for the aging eye
Lighting for the aging eye

With the huge generation of baby boomers defining "growing old" in new ways, there is great motivation to find solutions to the pesky physical problems associated with aging.

One is the research being done on "Lighting for the Aging Eye". What it all boils down to is that we just don't see so well at 60 as we did at 20. But then again, this is no reason to limit our activities. We just need to know what to do about it and make some changes in our home, and off we go!

At 65 you need:

  • up to 10 times the amount of light as the average 20-year-old.
  • a light level of more than 100 foot-candles to be able to read comfortably.

Lighting manufacturer Holtkoetter has initiated and supported extensive research at the University of Colorado to study and develop the scientific basis of lighting for the aging eye and to research how good lighting can mitigate the effects of the natural physical changes we are all subjected to as time passes. The findings were that the decrease in retinal illuminance requires a light level of more than 100 footcandles for optimal reading performance. Holtkoetter therefore chose a 75-Watt or 100-Watt Halogen light bulb by Osram. Its shape and the construction of the inside of the reflector, allow for a light level in excess of 100 footcandles. A matte glass diffuser and a reflector that focuses the light only on the reading material will reduce glare and scattering. Adjustable dimming controls and the adjustability of the physical reflector location allow the light levels to be set at the optimal position, reducing the need for the eye to adjust to different light levels. The study resulted in a series of table, chair-side and floor reading lamps.

One is an absolute winner: The Bernie LED floor lamp.  It is the Porsche of floor lamps. It's light output is just incredible! Equivalent to 1200 Lumens in an LED lamp! That's big!!

Holtkoetter Bernie LED floor lamp
Holtkoetter Bernie LED floor lamp

The sleek and innovative Bernie Turbo Series Swing-Arm floor lamp is the 2011 winner of "Lighting for Tomorrow" competition that recognizes the best in decorative energy-efficient light fixtures.